85 Dalston Lane, London, E8 2NG

Tuesday to Thursday: 4pm-10pm
Friday: 1pm-10:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am-10:30pm
Sunday: 10am-3:30pm

Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm

Furanxo is a shop by day, aperitivo and wine bar by night. We specialise in selling artisan charcuterie, cheese, tinned fish, and jamon. All our products are sourced by Manuel de los Santos, who has been working with independent Spanish farmers since he created Santos & Santos in 2012. At night, Xabier Alvarez from Newington Green’s Trangallan, transforms the shop into a wine bar. Xabi selects wine for both the shop and bar, focusing on small producers mostly from Spain.

Manuel has been supplying Xabi at Trangllan since the beginning of his business. Over the course of their friendship, the two would have conversations about their passion for food and the idea to create a space that would be reminiscent of their younger years growing up in Spain.

They took inspiration from the traditional ultramarinos shop or abacerías they used to enjoy in Galicia and Andalucía. Both are local general stores stocking high quality products, which usually have a secondary use. The shops turn into a ‘bar’, using the shelves and counters where stock would be displayed as bar tops. Locals stop by and have a drink and some tapas made mostly from the selection of the products from the shop.

We hope to see you soon!
Manuel & Xabi